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can you send jewelry by regular mail or do i hafto go to an fedex or UPS to send it?

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  • 1 roox

    yes. have the package insured for the value of the jewelry!!
  • 2 Vendetta

    You can send it by USPS (post office) just send it by Registered mail. It has Insurance (up to $5,000) built in to the price . It is much safer, because it has to be signed for at every exchange of hands.
  • 3 HappyFooFoo

    You could sent it regular mail if you want, but you’ll have to go to the Post Office to send it. The teller will mail your package, and put the postage on it for you when you pay for it.
  • 4 Wild Bill SD

    When sending anything other than a letter or card, anything of that size and weight, it’s best to go to a post office or other store that ships mail/packages. Postage rates are determined by weight. If it’s anything of value make sure to spend a couple of bucks and get insurance on it. Just tell the clerk you want to insure the package and they’ll tell you what your options are. It’s dirt cheap and pays you back if the package is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. I suggest using the U.S. mail if you’re in the U.S. They are way faster and cheaper than UPS, FedEx, and DHL. As for how stamps work, it’s very simple, A first class stamp is 41 cents and will cover a 1 ounce letter,card, etc. Most letters less than 5 pages and about any regular card weigh under one ounce. Just stick one on the envelope and drop it in the mail and you’re good to go. When in doubt just go to your local post office or mail store. Happy shipping.
  • 5 cnzuu

    please use courier service its very safe…en convenient.