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Know of any clever gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen?I don’t want to do the usual jewelry box or beer mug.

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  • 1 emce10282

    I don’t have any ideas for the guys but for the girls you could have a local artisan hand make a piece of jewelery for each of the girls with colors and styles unique to each. They will have a one of a kind piece of art to cherish for years to come.
  • 2 Beth B

    Take then on a weekend vaca.
  • 3 Lynny K

    What about a spa day for you and all the bridesmaids, or gift baskets with spa items in them that you make yourself?
  • 4 Heater

    i like the idea of personlizing bottles of liquor……., I think you can do it thru crown royal and some others, and besisdes it will go well with the reception
  • 5 theplanningdiva

    Idea for Bridesmaids: make a small gift bag/basket with bath oils, jewelry, gourmet candy or cookies, fragrance, etc. You can find some things locally at boutiques and even dollar stores.

    Idea for Groomsmen: Silver money clips with their initials engraved on them.

  • 6 Kayla J

    i have seen many give their wedding party different gifts for each one, the gift was meaningful to that certain person, such as if one had a interest in a favorite sport than get that person somthing specail with sports, or you could get a person who is interested in makeup or jewerly than get that person something in that catergory here are some ideas

    -the men could get flasks, which will have a engravement
    -the men could get watches with engravement
    -cufflings for the men

    -girls could get earings, jewerly
    - designer perfume

  • 7 Jessica S

    For the bridesmaids there are great websites (listed below) that allow you to design your own hand bag and they have gift certificates. Very fun idea. Or personalized perfume fragrances (fill out a questionaire about their personalities)

    Grooms men tickets to a local game, poker set

    Cloud 9 living has certificated for “life experiances” i.e. race car school, cooking classes, hot air ballon rides

  • 8 calla

    You don’t have to give everyone the same thing. My daughter got each one of her bridesmaid and maid of honor something different. She did it on their own personal taste. Example, she got one a little pewter jewelery box, one a sterling silver bracelet, these were things she knew what they liked and wanted.

    And she did get each one of them a silver compact with their initial engraved on it.

    The groom did the same for the groomsmen, and best man.

    Don’t be afraid to be different. Personalize each one, it makes people feel better when you put more thought into each ones likes. Congratulations!

  • 9 helen k

    something nice