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Need to find the velvet lining that goes into jewelry boxes, the drawer liners?

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  • 1 NfusioNinja

    That is just felt that you can get at any craft store or Walmart. I don’t know if they have the adhesive backed stuff, but some craft glue would fix that. If you need to attach it at all.
  • 2 thewrangler_sw

    Preformed trays are one way to line a jewelry box.

    “Flocking” is another way. This method produces a suede like textured liner. though, has pressure sensitive velvet, and even felt, which you can use to line drawers and chests, with.
    (Actually, Rockler also carries the flocking material and tools, hehe.. but I think in this case you want to stick with the velvet material.)

    You might also be able to find a similar product at a local craft store, or fabric store.

    Have Fun

  • 3 serendipity303

    Ask your local fabric store for suede backings, quilters sometimes use this and it’s perfect for lining drawers and giving that fancy feeling.