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What do I do mother’s jewelry box was stolen?

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  • 1 Weissensteinburg

    Was your house broken into…anything else stolen? If not, check anyone else who was there and may have taken in.
  • 2 psdiver

    Where I am it is a law (by-law) that a pawn broker send in an items description to the PD and the item must be held for 15 days minimum before the ticket can be redeemed, you must also be over 21. Does your City/State have that??
    If not your best bet would be to have a picture of the item if possible when you are going, and a detailed list of the contents that were in it when you go on your pawn shop hunt. Seeing as how jewelery was involved the items if they have been pawned would most likely be in the back in safe keeping until the time noted on the pawn ticket (date) has been reached and the items then become property of the pawn shop. If they were sold outright to a dealer you may actually see the items when you go on the hunt. If you have any reciepts for the items with a description of the item on it take that with you also, or it’s going to turn into a he said/ she said situation should you find them , as anybody could walk into a pawn shop and say, “That’s the ring, etc that was stolen” I want it back”. seeing as you don’t have proof of ownership, I’m afraid the law would lean to the side of the person/shop in possession of the item.
  • 3 Pami

    i would call the police an ask to speak to a supervisor… the cop that responded to you did a craptastic job of taking a report if he would not accept a list of items stolen.

    if you see any items at a pawn shop, call the police.