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Where could i buy the cotton inserts that you find in jewelry gift boxes?

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  • 1 orangeflowerchild

    a jewelry store. ???
  • 2 Andy

    the hobby shop
  • 3 anjelawolfe

    Hi, I don’t know exactly.

    But you could just buy batting, which I think should be available in cotton and at just about any craft store, then you will have to cut it to the size of your boxes. To cut the batting, I think it’s thin enough you can just use scissors, but you could also squish it kind of flat and use an exacto or a razor blade to cut it.

    (batting is just referring to thin sheets of padding, like you would find in a quilt or something.)

  • 4 norag

    try any of ur local craft stores or call a jewelry store and ask them where they get it.